Co Cardiff Club Championships

DATE: 21/22 September 2024

Licence number: tbc

Venue: Cardiff International Pool CF11 0JS

Level of meet: Level 3

Closing date: 1 September 2024

The 2024 Club Championships will be held as a short course meet at the Cardiff International Pool.

This season Co Cardiff celebrate 50 years 1974~2024

OFFICIATING As a club we are trying to encourage as many parents as possible to start their officiating journey, and after getting you started trying to persuade you to progress. It makes time go much quicker, and you get to meet a lot of people. You meet friends that you didn’t know you had! Remember a successful gala helps you in your pocket by reducing monthly fees. Some parents only want to do the Timekeeper part, to help at club champs etc, and to an extent that’s fine, but because of licencing conditions we can only use a maximum of 5 timekeeper only officials by themselves, I can use more if partnered by a J1 or above. Our greatest need is for Judge 1s, either qualified or trainees ‘on workbooks’, we need 15 J1(W)s or above to cover the start and finish ends of the pool, and a further10 officials at J2(W) and above to cover the other roles. To enable the club to be self-sufficient with regards to officials going forward we do require a proportion to progress through J1 and J2, and to a much less extent going on to become a starter or referee. As part of being a Swim Wales performance centre we require to do this.

At our Club Champs we have no visiting swimmers, and as a result no visiting officials, meaning that we have to fill the 30 odd officiating roles ourselves. With a club with around 350 swimmers and 700 parents you would think that that should not be a problem, but it is :(

If you have done a bit of Timekeeping or would like to get involved please consider signing up to becoming a Judge Level 1 – your Club Needs You !!

Co Cardiff Meets

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